Name City State Email Phone
Lutea Consulting Poughkeepsie New York 16072626024
Nexus Community Partners St. Paul Minnesota (651) 289-7038
Northwest Cooperative Development Center Olympia Washington 3609434241
Palante Technology Cooperative, Inc. Brooklyn New York 8884813655
Prospera Oakland California (510) 695-2270
Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center Denver Colorado 303-351-2003
Round Sky Solutions Montpelier Vermont 734-649-6054
Sassafras Tech Collective Ann Arbor Michigan (734)315-0866
Shared Capital Cooperative Saint Paul Minnesota 612-767-2120
Sustainable Economies Law Center Oakland California 5622340817
TakeRoot Justice New York New York 212-810-6744
The ICA Group, Inc. Northampton Massachusetts (617)232-8765
The Working World, Inc. New York New York 646-257-4144
Upside Down Consulting Chicago Illinois 312-620-7564
Vermont Employee Ownership Center Burlington Vermont 802-338-7448
Wegner CPAs Madison Wisconsin 608-274-4020