Co-op Clinic Webinar: A Roadmap for Worker Co-op Conversions

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$25 for USFWC members / $40 for non-members, with proceeds going toward the operation of the USFWC’s Continuing Education series

Join Jim Johnson, one of our experienced Co-op Clinic Advisors, for a workshop on co-op conversions - during this session, you'll get a "roadmap" for what it takes to turn a traditional business into a worker co-op, including: 

  • An overview of "typical" conversion timeline
  • Common / critical issues
  • How to scope needs for a conversion
  • Assessing the feasibility 
  • How to structure the deal

We'll also have a question and answer with the presenter. With the session, you'll also receive a recording of the session to review afterwards as well as a PDF of the presentation.

This session will be offered in English.
Desafortunadamente ésta webinar está disponibles solo en Inglés. 

Local Date & Time:

September 23, 2019   1:00pm   EST   through   2:30pm   EST